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Infinity Twin Rail Stairlift


Installed Price: £9,999

The Infinity Stairlift has been designed using the latest, state-of-the-art 3D CAD modelling software. This means that when you buy an Infinity Stairlift it has been specifically designed to meet all of your personal requirements.

All our Infinity Stairlifts are constructed to the highest standards using the best materials and techniques available. We are committed to providing safe, reliable Stairlift solutions that accommodate our customer’s requirements.

Ergonomic Flexible Joystick

Effortless directional control, even for those with limited dexterity.

Electronic Keyswitch

Complete security from any unwanted users.


Easy-to-use seatbelt offering the user added safety and comfort.

Sensitive Safety Edges

Enabling the stairlift to stop safely should something obstruct the stairlift.

Battery Powered

Works even during a power cut. Charges automatically so the chair is always ready to use.

Comfort Seating

Ensuring a comfortable, smooth ride. Various colour options available.

Swivel Level

Simple lever on both sides of the stairlift, to enable the user to easily turn the seat. Powered option available.

Footrest Lever

No awkward bending to lower and raise the footrest. Powered option available.

Choose your seat colour

Choose from a wide variety to suit your taste.

Hand stitched upholstery

Quality craftsmanship throughout.

Easy panel access

Ensuring a simple installation and maintenance.

Choose your rail colour

Variety of colours to suit your home.

Variety of rail start/stop options

Choose from top and bottom overruns, parking wraps or reduced start.

Fast and clean installation

The Infinity can be installed within 3 hours with minimal disruption to your home.